Thursday, 18 December 2014

12 Kittens of Christmas

Some cute kittens I found round the web

christmas kitten dressed as santa

blue eyed grey kitten red ribbon

Happy Holidays!!!!


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Turtle and Pony Caddies

My blog has been gathering dust in the last few weeks; it seems this house move has taken for ever to complete and things get back to normal.

I have been busy with preparations for Christmas and here are a couple of new creations I managed to complete.

spring greens turtley applique fabric basket

This cutie is for a Young lady who likes blues and greens. I added a tangerine heart and a ribbon at the base of the turtle for a bit of colour and a little bow with an orange button for a girly touch.

turtle diapper caddy applique close up
To help the turtle stand out I used a cabbage green thread for satin stitch and embroidered the eyes, mouth and nose by hand. She is very happy in the apple orchard.
spring green turtle diaper caddy side view
I love the colours of the background fabric!

sweet pony horse pink diaper caddy
Another sweet young lady will be receiving this cute pony basket- snow white pony with pink hair.

sweet pony diaper caddy applique close up

To create texture for the hair I added a few lines of stitching following the curves of the mane. I used a slightly different thread colour to help it "pop". She is wearing a heart pendant too. I added a white dot in the middle of the eye to give it a 3D look, I am quite pleased with it.
Off to make some handbags for girls now.
Happy Saturday from sunny Bristol.

Friday, 14 November 2014

No Sewing and a Review of my Work

Hello Friends,

This house move is taking so long! We are in temporary accommodation number 2 now and if it all goes well we are getting the keys for our new apartment next weekend. "I can't wait" would be an understatement.

Living as a transient out of a suitcase with the bare minimum has not been an issue- I realised years ago that most of the things I surround myself with are probably unnecessary. A slow edit has been taking place since 2010, giving away to charity and enriching the local library with over 1000 books- yes I could not believe I had that many books either! My previous move involved an articulated lorry and a crew of professionals. This time all of our current possessions, packaged and carried by us, filled a transit van and are waiting in a storage locker for now.

What I have really missed is sewing. The creative hours spent starring at fabric and dreaming of what to make with it. The precise cutting of the rotary cutter producing perfect lines. Admiring the colours of the thread spools which always end up jumbled up no matter how often I tidy them in my biscuit tin. And of course the rhythmic movement of the needle with its magical powers- fabric goes in one way and beautiful things happen- dependable and steady. I have missed going to bed and dreaming of patterns, waking up early and drawing foxes and bunnies to applique on my fabric baskets. 

This sewing abstinence is getting to 4 weeks now and I have been feeling so nostalgic I decided to run through the last few months of my blog and pick my favourite makes.

cat face little girls purse pink and white

Fox and heart fabric cover for notebook
Fox Notebook

Fox Nursery decorative mini pillow
Fox Mini Pillow

square fabric drinks mat
Floral Coaster

fox zip pouch
Fox with Tulips Linen Zipper Pouch

make up purse
Birds and Cherries Make up Pouches

brown felt fox brooch
Felt Fox Brooch

baby gift pink and white bunny face storage caddy with big ears
Bunny Caddy Basket

nursery storage fabric basket
Sage Green Bunny Caddy

nursery storage fabric basket with pocket cat
Lavender Kitty Caddy

little lamb pencil case
Lamb Pencil Case

mouse fabric toy
Mouse Pocket Friend

Fox and Tulips Fabric Basket

fox applique diaper caddy
Red Fox Diaper Caddy

fox fabric basket
Jumping Fox Caddy

fleece animal faces pillows
Cat Mouse and Bunny Pillows

polar bear fabric basket

baby gift set
Bunny Bib and Burp Cloth Set

christmas present bag
Christmas Fabric Gift Bag

patchwork dolls quilt
Modern Patchwork Doll's Quilt and Pillow
Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Patchwork Doll's Quilt and Pillow Set

Dear Friends,

Moving house has involved 2 interim stays, meaning no sewing has been taking place for over 2 weeks. I feel the void! It will be another 2 weeks before we reach our final destination and the sewing can begin again.

I wanted to share something I made just before all my beloved fabrics and sewing machine were packed away in storage.

This was a custom order for my signature fabric basket with pockets all round for a little girl to place in her dollhouse. The request included a matching pillow and quilt for the doll.

I used pastel fabrics with a modern country cottage feel that would appeal to a young child.

The interior fabric is a tiny floral pink on cream that is often found in doll's clothing.
 This is the front pocket

and the back pocket

 I used the same fabrics in a simple strip patchwork pattern for the quilt and pillow
 The reverse matches the interior of the basket, giving a second look option.
 I decided not to quilt any pattern on the quilt because it is small, a bit bigger than A4, and I liked the clean lines. I used a double fusible wadding so the sandwich is well attached and finished it by stitching all round the edge for a faux pipping effect,

The doll's quilt and pillow fit nicely in the basket

I hope there is a happy child and doll out there enjoying these.

Happy Friday!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Holiday Season- Drawstring Gift Bag

Normally I am very last minute with preperations for Christmas.
When I was tidying up my fabrics I found the holiday prints I got last year and it was too late to do anything with them.
I made them into gift bags with drawstring closure.
handmade holiday drawstring gift bags

 I have two cute prints and a traditional choice.
reusable fabric gift bag for the holidays
 These snowmen and snowflakes are very fresh and modern.
gift bag reindeer aqua and red holiday decor
The reindeer are so cute with their rosy cheeks and button noses. I am big fan of red and aqua combinations.
holiday gift sack interior
 I lined the bag fully with no exposed seams
cream gold and red christmas gift drawstring bag
 The corners are boxed so it can stand up and gives it a smarter look I think.
santa sack traditional holidays
This fabric is my favourite so it gets two photos!

Are you preparing for Christmas?
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