Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Stash Easter Sunday

Fabric is such a personal thing!

Due to work commitments I sent out my other half to run some errands, including buying additional fabric for one I had already bought and with the instructions: " If you see anything else similar that is really nice get it!

Here is what he came home with:

Let's start with the bad one:

All I could think of was tablecloth in fish and chip shop. 1960's kitchen curtains. Possibly garden cushions? What will I ever make with this?

The yellow and blue stripe I kind of like for my fabric baskets

It is Summer Time, nice quality fabric

and the next
although not my choice, I can make a ... fabric basket with it too.

So, I have one large gingham check and 2 stripe fabrics I am not that keen on. I don't want to sound ungrateful but think I will not be sending him to buy me fabric again.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fabric Baskets

This weekend I have been mostly sewing... fabric baskets.

A new version

 With a  squirrel. He was very difficult to sew and even more difficult to stuff. Still undecided if he is a success or failure.
 I am very happy with the colour combination of purple and yellow.

An attempt at another fabric picture with a fox in lavender

I am not sure about the red fox, pink and lavender combo but wanted to stay true-ish to the fox

xo xo

Sunday Stash Display

This week I bough some fabrics which were slightly over my usual budget but I felt they were so worth it.

Don't you love the squirrels?

And the matching solid- Love this acid yellow

Something almost salmon pink

 This is going to be a summer version of my brown fox, coral fox? I am sure it will look nice.

This is the sort of bike I dreamed of when I was a kid

Need to find a nice pink to complement this one.

and thread to sew them all. I normally buy Gutermann but I am trying this Coats for the first time. It seems a little bit thinner.

I was laughing when i sew the made in Greece.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dotty Lavender Fabric Basket with Pocket Cat and a Sleeping Fox

First Things First. I loved the Clarke & Clarke Fabric I got in sage a few weeks ago so I went ahead and got the "dotty" in Mauve.

It now has a new Cat Friend who lives in Lavender Polka Dot Basket

I decided to place the large pocket on the front this time

It is quite roomy inside

I love the texture of the unbleached eco cotton. It is very soft too.

I love kitties!

And just because I also love foxes, a summer version of the foxy zipper pouch

I added a tab to the side and an appliqued heart at the back.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Easter Bunny Totes with Pom Pom Tail and Sunday Stach

Sunday stash fabric today is nothing exciting. Lots of natural eco-cotton, unbleached, with some of the husks showing, unworthy of a picture really.

But here is what I made with it:

These bags were so much fun to make

 Do you like the pom pom tail?

I went for a dense satin stitch on the applique

I had never stitched handles like this before, very pleased with the result.

I also made another bunny themed basket

A gift for a lovely lady.

....and the last of my foxy fabric made into a basket

Happy Sunday! 

xo xo

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Spring Handbag Purse DIY

Spring brings light and new life and a feeling of needing new accessories.

The dark and heavy leather winter bag seems no longer appropriate for the sunny days ahead.

Here are some great free bag tutorials to get you making a new bag- ideas from pintrest.

Free Pattern and tutorial for an easy to sew stylish tote

Basic Pattern for a beginner, clever pockets and secure with velcro closure- no scary zips.

This is a picture tutorial

Free PDF pattern and tutorial to show off you best floral fabric

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