Saturday, 25 October 2014

Holiday Season- Drawstring Gift Bag

Normally I am very last minute with preperations for Christmas.
When I was tidying up my fabrics I found the holiday prints I got last year and it was too late to do anything with them.
I made them into gift bags with drawstring closure.

 I have two cute prints and a traditional choice.
 These snowmen and snowflakes are very fresh and modern.
The reindeer are so cute with their rosy cheeks and button noses. I am big fan of red and aqua combinations.
 I lined the bag fully with no exposed seams
 The corners are boxed so it can stand up and gives it a smarter look I think.
This fabric is my favourite so it gets two photos!
Are you preparing for Christmas?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cute Animal Bib and Burp Cloth Set and the Pitfalls of Bad Photography

These cute bibs have me hooked.

 I now made the kitties in red

and the teddy in blue

My camera was having a meltdown as the sun kept coming out and then hiding behind clouds. It is hard to believe this is the same items on the photo above and below.
The pink was hard to photograph too- I think it may be the polka dots, they are confusing the camera's focus.

Will try again tomorrow for better shots.

Have a nice afternoon.

xo xo

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sweet Bunny Bib

After venturing into the world of burp cloths, a bib seemed the next logical step.A super quick post today.

I appliqued little bunnies on them for cuteness. match the caddy

They are backed with polar fleece and have a layer of batting for extra softness.

My favourite is this one, with all the cute deer designs.

What have you been sewing?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Polar Bear Storage Caddy

There is something about the cuteness and soft white coat of polar bears that makes them adorable.

Upon reviewing my makes I could identify a very clear bias towards girl-orientated designs and colours. It is my mission to make some boy things in the next few weeks.

This polar bear is the start

I love love this bear! I looked at over 100 photographs of bears and made 7 sketch drawings before deciding on this one. I normally sketch like a painter and then need to simplify so I can execute it in the sewing machine.

I made him out of white polar fleece which has the advantage of no fraying. The disadvantage is due to the plushness, it is hard to make any marks for the eyes and nose. In the end, it was a guessing job with the embroidery thread. To make things easier, I think I will opt for wool felt next time.

The polar fleece is lovely to touch though!

The pocket is lined with cream cotton. After I turned it I rolled the tube 1/2" to create the upper edge. It looked so crisp and could not resist sewing a top stitch along both edges.

This blue fabric is linen look cotton and the dots look a bit like is it snowing.

Polar bears are so cute! I shall be making more of them.

Sunday Stash 5th October 2014

Polka Dots

My new additions this week are very...dotty

Pink and soft green polka dot quilting cotton

And some candy coloured threads to co-ordinate. I also bought these Janome embroidery scissors which allow me to get very close the the base of the thread and snip it cleanly.

I need some new pins-these have become bendy and are fast losing their sharpness.

A new experiment today- I made a couple of contoured burp cloths.

 I made the tag into a handy hanging loop. These are lightweight with little polyester padding for easy washing and fast drying.

There are so many versions out there and I just made up the pattern measuring myself and drawing a curve freehand, then copying it for the other side. I used some newspaper as a template to get the shape right (scrunch it up first so it does not slip as much). If you want a tutorial, have a look at the Contoured Burp Cloths Tutorial by cloud9fabrics.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Dotty Animal Pillows

Animal Pillows

I have wanted to make these for such a long time!

A Cat, a Mouse and a Bunny Rabbit. They have felt eyes and noses and whiskers.

 They match the diaper caddies.

Aren't they cute?

Happy Sunday.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Elephant Caddy

I am going through my fabric stash and clearing out odd bits.

I found enough of this elephant fabric to make a small caddy

 The inside is a crisp white woven upholstery cotton (another left over)
 I drew the elephant to resemble the ones on the fabric and used a wide zig zag stitch for his ear.

The camera has not caught the shade very well, it is actually a deep turquoise, almost teal blue.
Elephants are so cute, aren't they?

More sewing adventures tomorrow.


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