Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jolly Farm, Fox and Apple

This week under severe restrain I only bought one fabric to add to my stash.

The Trees from Jolly Farm- Henley Studio, Makeower UK

I love everything about this- the colours, the detail, the birds.

The blue is lovely too, maybe next week...

I added a little red apple to the front

I love the bright red dots. The stalk gets lost a bit in the other green but I did not have any solid green to match.

I also have been designing some new foxes.

 Something to go with this Boy Fox

Here is a girl fox

The bow is removable and she loves roses and has a button nose.

This basket has longer handles for one hand operation.

And a jumping Fox

 I have missed working with felt- this shade is called acorn and is so soft to touch.

I used plain stitching instead of the usual zig-zag satin stitch, and chose a bright orange. 

Last year I loved making the Fox Autumn Leaves Purse but it took 2-3 hours to make.

I still love the idea of fabric photos though and creating a pretty scene.

This is work in progress
The fox is talking to her friend the bird. I wanted a blue bird, like the singing Disney birds and a big dotty mushroom! The fox leg was very tricky, I drew it about 6 different ways before settling on this version that I could actually sew.

So it has been very busy here! How was your weekend?


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Spots, Kittens and Flowers

Hello friends,

A busy week with the occasion of my birthday, where does the time go?

My gift to myself was a whole day of sewing!

I have some new additions to my stash, but in my haste to make things with them I did not take any photos of the fabric before.

Here are the after pictures

Retro Red Spots

red spots fabric basket
 This is my favourite fabric basket design, in a scrumptious linen look cotton red.
red dots sewing basket
 This red is so warm, it has a bit of cherry in it and really brightens up my day.

I interfaced the fabric and it has a great luxury feel to it.

Kitten Basket in Neutral

Back to the soft pastels, linen look cotton in beige check on vanilla. I am still troubled by cutting check and keeping it straight, but at least I managed with the top edge of the basket.
kitty cat diaper caddy

My favourite is of course the kitty, made with fleece and a little bit of soft vintage rose to accent the ears.

My boyfriend said the ears were floppy and I left the room and did not talk to him for an hour, but I can now see he was right. (Have not told him yet).

I wanted them to be "playable", but I may try to applique them on the basket next time.

I also added a divider here and a few pockets at the back to make it more practical.

Cobalt Blue Party!

blue zip purse
This lovely blue floral is from the Sew Caroline Collection called Gleeful. It was sent to me by to make a tutorial for another project- which I hope to be able to show you soon.

This is what I made with some the left-over bits.
It is a lovely collection with 12 designs in bright red, pink and yellow, transporting me to warmer and sunnier climates. I love the clamshells!

Happy Sunday and hope you have a great week.

Thank you for visiting.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Forest Animal Friends for Tea

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you my latest fabric purchase that was made into yet another fabric basket.

ecru deer pocket basket
This fabric has so many pretty things on it.

First there is the deer and the squirrel having a tea party and cute little apples.

A black cat on a pink polka dot chair and she has a curvy tail 

Then there is a squirrel offering his friend the deer a chestnut. A pretty bird and hedgehog

diaper caddy deer

Checks, Polka dots, mushrooms and flowers, trees and leaves in this beautiful linen look cotton in ecru. And I got to use that golden beige ribbon that has been sitting unloved in my stash for months! 

I can't stop looking at this! I think I am going to make one of those loop scarves with it too.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fox In The Rose Garden

Foxes are back!

I promised more foxes and here they are!

 Antique Pink Polka Dot On Cream and Pink Roses Bouquets
 I used antique Pink Gutterman Thread  Col.473 for the satin stitch.

 And If you like a Vintage look and bright colours, a Red Fox version.
 The background Fabric is a Petrol Blue, Green, Grey difficult to describe shade.I live the tiny flecks of yellow in this.
 I used an oily swampy green to top-stitch. Here the fabric looks more blue.

To see more about foxes, see Coral Fox and Tulips
 and Mint Fox

and Pink Fox

And something more summery

These are so cute! The hearts are red and normally I would not put them together with pink but I am hoping it worked ok here.

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Burlap, Strawberries and Cream

I promised to show you what I have been working on.

There is a surprise coming soon, a tutorial I wrote about making the baskets to be shared with a wonderful fabric shop...more on this soon.

Here is what I have been making

 Burlap basket with dusky pink polka dot cotton. I lined the pockets with burlap, which made ironing a crisp edge on the seam tricky, but they are very strong.

 I added interfacing to the burlap and zig zag-ed all the edges to make sure it does not fray. Sewing the thick layer near the handles was a challenge.
I have never tried this handle before. I am quite pleased how it worked out...and how psychedelic the dots look here!
 I made some more little caddies. At 5" at the base, these are hard to box the corners and hard to iron. Nice cute size for toiletries though.

I just love the strawberries!

 Sun Bonnet Girl
We recently made a very long car trip and when I was taking my turn being the passenger, I sketched a few of these bonnet girls. When I came to make the applique, I came up with the idea of the scalloped edge to her top. She is made from 100% wool felt which is thick stable to work with.
I thought it may be too tricky to satin stitch neatly, so I left it and stitched a straight line above, to make it look like a frilly ruffle on those dresses you see women wearing in Westerns. I love watching them on Saturday afternoons as a child. 

 This fabric is so cute. I want to make the hen and the flower pot into appliques next time. It is a line look cotton by John Louden. I like a few things from their collection and this fabric was a pleasure to work with.

What have you been doing this Bank Holiday weekend?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Stash 24th August 2014

Fabric Fabric Fabric!

I have added all these to my Stash!

Soft romantic vintage floral in pink and roses bouquet in blue. 

 An antique pink polka dot

And mint cupcakes!

Strawberries! I thought this may work well with the Burlap I have

Bright Pink- can never go wrong with this one
 and mint
 and coral

Here is the coral with grey.
Too busy to write more, have been sewing all day and hopefully will have some new things to show tomorrow.

xo xo